The Vision

Our new stadium will take Oxford United Football Club into the 21st century and enable the continued success of its Men’s and Women’s teams, as well as our vitally important community outreach and charitable work, all while safeguarding the future viability and vitality of the club.

The stadium will set the benchmark for community benefit, commercial innovation, environmental performance, and put the visitor experience at the heart of everything it does.

We are committed to following a set of founding principles for our new home:

1. Visitor experience at its heart

Constructing a new landmark for Oxford which instils community pride, is accessible and welcoming for all who visit.

2. Creating a space that serves all who use it equally

Bringing our Women’s Team home, and ensuring the site and all facilities are a safe and inclusive place for all, with improved connectivity and access to the site, removing barriers to participation. 

3. United with the community

Being an active and positive part of the community, and having a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the community, with useful amenities that will support community activities.

4. Sustainability at the heart of the design

Ensuring that environmental and commercial sustainability is central to the proposals. Facilitating the transition to sustainable travel for fans and the prioritisation of the use of public transport.

5. Creating publicly accessible green spaces and gardens

Enhancing the local natural environment with increased biodiversity, more planting, gardens, and public spaces that can be enjoyed year round.

6. Safeguarding the future of the club with a strong commercial offer

Enhancing local amenities and creating an exemplary commercial offer to boost the club’s vitality and ensure its ongoing success.

Previously released project documents

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