Oxford United’s new stadium planning application validated

Cherwell District Council has now validated Oxford United’s planning application for its new, modern, eco-friendly 16,000 capacity stadium on an area of land known as The Triangle, near Kidlington, as part of a mixed-use development.

This means the Council has checked and confirmed the submission was complete and included all relevant supporting information.

What happens next in the planning process?

Planning applications follow a strict procedure as set out in the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 (as amended). The next steps are:

  • The validation of the planning application has now triggered its consultation period –  this allows 21 days for formal comments from key consultees and the public. However, it is commonplace now for consultees to go past the 21 days, particularly in cases like this where there is a large application to read.
  • A 16-week determination period has also commenced, which runs to 21st June. During the determination period the club will seek to address all key consultation responses and agree any potential Section 106 contributions.
  • At the end of the determination period, the Council will refer the application to the Secretary of State (SoS) to see whether they would like to call the application in for determination at national level, since the proposals comprise major development in the Green Belt. If the SoS decides not to call the application in the Council can then proceed to determinate the application, that will then reported to committee and a decision notice issued. If the application is called in a public inquiry will be held to determine the acceptability of the proposals. It should be noted that the application can be called in by the SoS at any time during the consideration of the application.
  • Subject to Cherwell District Council, the club will ask for a determination at Planning Committee in July/August this year. If it is not possible to determine the application in the summer, the next planning committee meetings would be in either September or October.   
  • If determined, the club will then have planning conditions to address before development can commence. The club will look to agree conditions during the course of the application with any conditions likely to be focused on the implementation and detail of any consent that is forthcoming. The club would seek to get these submitted at the earliest opportunity after a decision has been determined to allow work to commence on site as soon as is practical.

Has the club now submitted everything that is required?

The club has submitted everything, but more highway modelling will be submitted during the determination period to factor in the impact of the housing allocations that are coming forward around north Oxford. While an initial modelling exercise has already been done, Oxfordshire County Council would like us to run our application through Multimodal Traffic Simulation Software which has only recently become available.

If a Judicial Review is submitted when in the process is that likely to happen?

A judicial review would only take place after an approval of the club’s application. It is made based on the Council’s consideration of the application and whether it has been thorough and robust. 

What happens next on bridge planning submission?

Following the submission and validation of the planning application, Oxford United and its consultant team is now engaging with Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council regarding the potential provision of a footbridge from the stadium site across Oxford Road.

The location for the bridge is being tested as part of a formal pre-application process with the Council. A screening request will be submitted in order to determine if an application would require an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Once the pre-application process has been concluded the intention will be to submit a planning application for the bridge so this can be considered alongside the application for the stadium. On this basis the aim is to submit the application for the bridge in late spring/early summer of this year.  

Subject to acceptability and timing, the bridge application could potentially be decided at the same time as the stadium. Its provision will be linked to the stadium via a suitable legal agreement that will see it constructed prior to the occupation of the stadium. 

How can fans help now that the planning application has been submitted? 

The club encourages fans to write letters or emails to Cherwell District Council expressing their support for the application. The ref number is 24/00539/F.Key points you may wish to include could be securing the future of the club and what a new stadium would mean to you. You can support the application here:


The proposal submitted presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide a new home for sport, entertainment, business, community, education and tourism which the whole county can be proud of.

The design includes a 180-bed hotel, conference and event space, along with a health and wellbeing centre, to help deliver significant economic and social benefits to Oxfordshire.

The visitor experience, inclusivity and sustainability have been placed at the heart of the design. It would be the first all-electric stadium in the UK and includes a safe standing allocation, sensory room, 130 wheelchair spaces and wellbeing gardens.

Around 1,000 jobs would be created and circa £32 million per year generated for the local economy.  Biodiversity would be improved by a net gain of 15%.

Oxford United’s lease at the Kassam Stadium comes to an end in 2026.